I absolutely love Felisha Star and the lovely experience I had with her. I went in on Friday, and it is in the cutest little place. The instant you walk in, you feel at home. Everything is clean and gorgeously decorated. Felisha Star has a sweet disposition and immediately makes you feel at ease, relaxed and warm. She offered me water and steady conversation. I had the best facial of my life  – the music was serene, Felisha Star explained everything she was doing to my face, what product she was using and what the benefits were to my skin. She gives really nice hand massages while letting the yummy-smelling products sink into your skin. She finished by touching up and waxing my eyebrows perfectly. Afterwards, I just felt so relaxed – plus, when I saw my reflection I couldn’t even believe how beautiful my skin looked. My skin seriously glowed, my cheeks were a little rosy and my eyebrows were exceptionally groomed. I was one happy camper! I would recommend spa services by Felisha Star to any and everyone.

Elysia L.

I have recently starting seeing Felisha Star for my skincare.  Her studio is very inviting and relaxing.

Parking is no problem.  She leaves a parking space in her driveway for her clients.  It’s a perfect place to have a facial.  I fell in love with her energy.  She is an empath and healer as well as a very knowledgeable esthetician  I trust her judgement in her holistic approach to skincare.  Her products are top rate.  Over my many, many years of buying very high-end products I find her own line of skincare is more effective or just as effective.  I’m a big fan of her Brighten-up Powder Exfoliant combined with her Hydrating  Gel Wash.  I use it every morning.  I love her Ultra Calm Cleaning Oil and Make-up Remover.  It leaves the skin very soft and not oily.  I highly recommend you, ladies and gents, Felisha Star is the best!!!


Felisha Star has been my Goddess esthetician for over 25 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.  I have had nothing but great service, products, client care, etc. and couldn’t be happier.  She offers a plethora of specialized professional services from makeup to to skincare and uses only quality products.  Her studio is clean and sterile yet comfortable and inviting; I have never had to wait for scheduled services for more than 5 minutes.  She never disappoints  – she is top-notch and you will love her!  Thank you Felisha for over 25 years of great, quality service and products!

J. Rose

I booked with Felisha Star and went to her salon.  It was so lovely and peaceful and it has a wonderful  feel to it.  I was immediately taken in by her gentle yet clear energy.  This was more than a facial.  It was a healing experience. I can’t begin to express how impressed I was with her knowledge and expertise & would recommend her to anyone.  As a matter of fact, my sister who is an esthetician is coming to visit and I am going to schedule an appointment for her.  She is very good and not easy to impress and I’m absolutely sure that she will love the experience

I highly recommend Felisha Star to anyone who feels they deserve the best at moderate prices. She is worth far more than she charges.  The experience of meeting her and experiencing her healing energy is priceless.

Take the time to really treat yourself.

Wanda W.

Felisha Star, Thank you so much for my beautiful skin…not sure how many years you have been giving me your magical facials but know it has been a few.  I still remember the first time and how I felt like I was floating on that massage table…you have a magnificent way of elevating a facial into a mystical experience…it doesn’t hurt that most think me younger than my actual age…you are the best….

D. Gregg

Felisha Star gives the best facials in town. She also does permanent make up, make up consultation, brow and lash tints, etc. You feel completely pampered when you are in her studio which recently moved to Mission Hills/Hillcrest. She even has her own skin care brand.

I have known Felisha Star for 30 years and will say she is the most professional genuine and knowledgeable lady in town when it comes to beauty. I could go on and on but my fear is she will get so booked, I will never see her again!

Nancy C.

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